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Monday, March 1, 2010


So it's been almost four months since my last race in Clearwater and I am once again ready to put the gloves on get racing. It's been a great offseason - well if you can call it an offseason. I spent about three weeks recovering from last year's racing schedule before climbing back on the training horse in December. I decided last year that, with the way things were going, I was ready to jump in with both feet and really go after this season. In keeping with that decision, I made a commitment to myself to do three things: be more consistent with my swim workouts, start running track workouts to improve my speed, and return to the strength training that got me through my first ironman. I'm happy to say that I have done my best to fulfill these commitments and am seeing amazing results! This last week has been probably the best week of training I have ever had. The week started with me snatching the slideboard record (more on this in my next post) at b project from Sergio...an amazing runner who I have the utmost respect for, and ended with an epic training weekend that included a 2 hour, negative split run in the rain in which I was able to run sub-7 minute pace at the end and a 5hour ride/1hour run brick workout in which I put down 7 miles at sub-730 pace on absolutely THRASHED legs!!! That's not to say, however, that it has all been sunshine and roses. The pool is still freezing cold at 530 in the morning, track workouts still make my lungs beg for mercy and my legs cry out in pain, and strength training with Brad and Kristina at b project often leaves me lying on my back at the end of a workout, gasping for breath and clutching my burning muscles. Despite all that - I still come back for more.... as they say, the pain just lets you know you're alive, and for that reason, I welcome the pain - I am more alive now than ever! I have learned so much the last few months - about being a better, faster runner - about listening to your body when it tells you it's had enough - and about the benefits of having great friends and training partners who constantly challenge me to be the best that I can. Those of you who train with me and share the smiles....and pain, you know who you are, and I will always be grateful for the times we've shared on the road, in the pool and at the gym - and I promise, I will not let you down!!! So here I am, six days away from the first race of the year for me, the Desert International Triathlon. It's an olympic distance race (1500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run) and will serve as a launching point for March 27's Ironman California 70.3 and this year's first "A" race, Ironman St. George, Utah on May 1 - my first real attempt at seeing where I stack up against the competition in my efforts to get to Kona. After Oceanside, I will re-evaluate and look to sign up for some late season races as well....Rest assured, however, that I intend to race a World Championship race again this year, whether it be a return to Clearwater, or an inaugural trip to Kona. Sorry I don't have any training photos to share, but it's only because every workout that I brought my camera along, I was too tired to remember I had it :P That being said, I am now off to my next session in the pain cave that is b project, and I plan to show you all some of what Brad has come up with to make me stronger, physically AND mentally! Until next time, thanks again for reading - now go out and do the impossible!!!


  1. This weekend will be a blast! And you will rock St. George :)

  2. Stoked to kick off the season with ya bud!